Smart Grid Technology, etc.

Same as before – 200+ words each – no resources – no APA formatting.

1. What do you think of smart grid technology? What effects would you expect to see on energy usage with the increased development of a smart grid?

2. According to Botkin (2010), in August 2003, nearly 55 million residents of the United States and Canada were affected by a widespread electricity blackout caused by too much demand on the energy grid. Electrical energy is difficult to store; accordingly, it is usually consumed shortly after it is generated. Therefore, when there is a sudden increase in the demand for electricity, the demand may overload the electrical grid. What might be some consequences of a long-term blackout of a week or longer? What do you think the United States might do to ensure that blackouts do not happen?

3. Do you think it would be more cost-effective to repair, restore, and develop the current electrical grid in the United States or convert to a smart grid? Which solution do you favor?

4. Fuel cells are a possible solution for storing and using natural gas. Fuel cells are currently used in spacecraft and military installations, but are uneconomical for private use. Do you think fuel cell research should be pursued as an alternative to current energy sources? Why?