Speech Analysis

Part A: Compare speeches

As you become comfortable with the skill of synthesis, you will find it easier to make connections between texts and companion readings or viewings. In this essay, you will compare the Gettysburg Address to a clip from a modern movie.

Completing this assignment involves the following:

Reading the Gettysburg Address

Listening to the audio of Coach Boone’s speech from Remember the Titans

( http://www.americanrhetoric.com/MovieSpeeches/movi… )

Drawing parallels between Lincoln’s speech and Coach Herman Boone’s speech in the audio clip

Writing a developed essay in which you analyze the two speeches, pointing out similarities and differences in content, tone, rhetorical strategies, purpose, etc.

Incorporating textual evidence from each speech to support your analysis

Essay is 5 paragraphs.

Part B: Evaluate Student Responses

Review a passage with many similarities to Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address and evaluate student responses to a previous year’s AP Language and Composition Exam question.

Take a look at a previous year’s exam question.

Review Question 2 from the 2003 Exam ( https://secure-media.collegeboard.org/apc/ap03_frq… ) . You may wish to print and annotate as you read.

Now, review the student responses ( https://secure-media.collegeboard.org/apc/ap03_eng… ) , and their scores.

Finally, review the scoring commentary( https://secure-media.collegeboard.org/apc/ap03_com… ) .

Observe and Reflect: Respond to the following questions using complete sentences:

1. What is the exam prompt asking students to do?

2. How would you compare Green’s tone with Lincoln’s? Do you observe similarities in their style? What are the most influential rhetorical strategies used by each speaker?

3. What is each speaker’s purpose for giving his speech? Explain.

4. Identify three strengths of the highest-scoring essay. Be specific. What could the writer of the lowest-scoring essay have done to improve his or her score? Be specific.

5. Examine the use of textual evidence in each student essay and comment on the types of evidence each student uses. What do you notice about the use of textual evidence in each essay? How is the highest-scoring essay’s use of evidence different from the other student essays?