Study guide for LABOR 201 Test

You will need the Book Labor in America that I listed below

There will be 8 questions:

2 Short Essays — (i) first one will deal with the period from the end of WWII through the 1960s. Have a sense of the main things happening to the labor movement during this period. It helps to know what came right before period as well — New Deal, WWII, expansion of unions, etc. And then post-WWII–impact of Cold War, civil rights movement, women’s movement, expanding economy, etc,

(ii) Second essay will be on the 1970s — why was this such an important decade for the labor movement?

Try to ground your answers in specifics from our readings.

There will also be short answer questions on the March on Washington (see Jones article); the origins of the MLK Holiday and labor’s role; Cobble’s article on workplace feminism; PATCO; and the two movies, Harlan County USA and American Dream, both by Barbara Kopple.