Success in Online Learning Humn 6000

Write a 2- to 3-page paper that addresses the following:  Describe any concerns you have or challenges you might anticipate as an online learner.  Identify one strategy and one resource/tool from the Learning Resources that may contribute to a successful online learning experience.  Explain how you might use the strategy and resource/tool to help you overcome the concerns or challenges you described.  Identify two personal weaknesses or limitations that you might need to improve upon in order to ensure your success in this program, and explain why. Reference the resources from this week that you will use to address these personal weaknesses or limitations. Provide at least one additional strategy and/or resource (not included in the Learning Resources) to address the personal weakness or limitation you identified. Reminder: Proper formatting and APA citations are required. Refer to the Writing Template for Course Papers for additional guidance. By Day 7 This Assignment is due.