System Engineering: Conceptual Systems Design

Please complete the following questions and short case study:

  • Why is the definition of system operational requirements important? What type of information is included?
  • What specific challenges exist in defining the operational requirements for a system-of-systems (SOS) configuration? What is meant by interoperability? Provide an example.
  • What is meant by a common function in the functional analysis? How are common functions determined?
  • Why is the development of technical performance measures (TPMs) important?
  • Why is it important to define specific mission scenarios (or operational profiles) within the context of the system operational requirements?
  • Comanche Helicopter Case Study
    • Description of the helicopter
    • What was the mission of the system?
    • Why was the program started?
    • What were the main reasons the program was cancelled?
    • How could this program have been saved?

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