Telehealth, Week 4 A1R2 assignment help

My classmate responded to my post and I need to reply to it for participation points. It can be 4-5 sentences and one reference, APA format. She asked me the question below, Can you be sure to reply to the answer by stating that I do not have telehealth at my job. Thanks.

My classmate stated:

Hi Mia, Great post and article you researched! Do you have telehealth at your job?

A few of my patients have telehealth and are very pleased with the care they receive. It certainly have decreased their emergency room visits. The article you referenced , noted that terminal ill patients and patients in their final stages of HIV/AIDS benefit greatly from the telehealth. According to Europe PMC (2010) the most crucial hindrance to the progressive evolution of telemedicine is a general lack of educated personnel who know how to use the equipment and technology that comprise telemedicine. I find this to be dsturbing considing we are in a computer era .

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