The Concept Of Advocacy In Nursing Healthcare Discussion Help

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Advocacy has been defined as “Public support for or recommendation of a particular cause or policy” (Oxford dictionaries, n.d. Advocacy strategies can be used to help patients, they may also be used to create change in the workplace. First, the nurse needs to be knowledgeable about their state’s laws regarding scope of practice and their institution’s policies and regulations (ATN, 2017). Being aware of where and how to report concerns or present ideas of change is the first step.

As a nurse, it has been instilled to always assess a situation and work through the nursing process. Therefore, we are put in a position of leadership to implement change and work for improvement for not only direct patient care but the workplace. Making observations in the workplace or exploring and encouraging other health care member’s concerns to establish what needs advocacy. Then gathering the information and creating possible solutions to present to the chain of command to support these changes. A nurse can advocate in the workplace for patient safety, more nursing staff, updated or better equipment and new polices if needed.


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