These questions are for Soc of developing Countries

There are 4 questions listed. Please provide at least 400 words or more for each question. Also do not copy and paste answers or cited answers. Please answer in your own words.

Question 1. There are two versions of the J-Curve and both rely on the relative deprivation theory to explain their models. Use both models to explain why is it that developed states do not experience the same kinds of social upheaval as some developing states that are experiencing the worst effects of the J-Curve?

Question 2. The institutions in most of the developing world are statist-oriented, and thus, failing.

(1) What does this mean?

(2) Describe a totalitarian country with this kind of institutional conflict.

Question 3. What steps can governments of developing states take to alleviate the living conditions in their urban areas? And don’t say ‘spend more money’ unless you can come up with a way for them to raise this money in the first place.

Question 4. You know what institutions are, so what does ‘institutional conflict’ mean?