Type of Abuse, Statutes, Statistics, and Theory


This week you will choose a type of abuse. The options are intimate partner abuse, elder abuse, child abuse, or sexual abuse. This will be the focus throughout the course project. The project assignment for this module is to identify what type of abuse you will be focusing on. Then, research your state’s statute. Present a discussion of how your state defines the type of abuse through the statute (do not just cut and paste the statute – this will receive zero credit). Include a discussion of the offense level options. For example, are there misdemeanor, gross misdemeanor, and felony options? What are the differentiating criteria?

Next, research your state’s statistics regarding this type of abuse. Include rates of reporting, victim characteristics, and offender characteristics. Again, this discussion should be summarized in your own words and supported with research. It should not be cut and paste from a “factsheet.”

Finally, review the criminological theories discussed in the materials from module 01. Provide a brief explanation of the theory and why you believe this theory best fits the type of abuse. Explain how a policy based on this theory could be implemented to prevent this type of abuse.

The assignment should meet APA formatting guidelines and incorporate at least two credible sources (use your state’s government website for statutes and your state’s Department of Human Services for the statistics). Here is the section of the outline provided in the Project Introduction found in Module 01 that provides a breakdown of what should be included in this segment:

Type of abuse

  1. Identify type of abuse
  2. Discuss your state’s statute
    1. Statutory definition
    2. Offense level options
  3. Discuss your state’s statistics
    1. Rates of reporting
    2. Victim characteristics
    3. Offender characteristics
  4. Criminological Theory(Theories that describe crime)
    1. Apply theory to type of abuse
    2. Prevention policy recommendation