U.S labor study essay on an event after 1945

Current Event Essay

Describe and analyze a current event (after 1945) that is in some way tied to work, the labor movement, and/or the working class. The analysis should include a detailed description of the event itself, but (more importantly) the event needs to be situated within a broader historical-political-economic context; include specific events leading up to it, but also locate your event within a broader context. What political, economic, and cultural forces caused the event? Why did this event happen when it did? Why not before? What were the consequences? Etc.

Length: Analysis should be at least two single-spaced pages in a normal size font.

Sources: You should have three sources from newspapers or magazines. This does not require academic journal articles or books. The point is for you to learn about an event and provide the analysis yourself.

Research on the Patco strike.