UCI What can home mean?

This draft needs to be at least 2 pages long but does not have to be complete yet.

(Here’s a link to the actual prompt.)

BEFORE you upload your draft, please write down (at the start or end of your draft) three SPECIFIC QUESTIONS for your peer editor to answer when reading your essay. Avoid yes/no questions, and be as SPECIFIC as possible. Use your reflection and what you want to improve most to help guide you in crafting your questions.

ONCE you’ve uploaded your draft + questions, please complete Reflection 4 as soon as possible! Or, by Monday at 5pm.

Peer Review instructions (Due TUESDAY 11:59pm): please type up your thoughtful answers and upload them to your partner’s submission by Tuesday night at 11:59pm (PST).


  • Drafts should be in correct MLA Format
    • Specifics: 1″ margins, Times New Roman, 12pt font, double-spaced, paginated (please don’t fudge these)
    • Please TITLE YOUR ESSAY! Something more creative than “Critical Essay” (that’s not a title, that’s the category of assignment). You can and should revise the title as you revise the rest!