US Presidents who Acted Exceptionally During Difficult Situations

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Identify three presidents since 1877 and how they exhibited effective leadership in a difficult situation. DO NOT merely summarize what they did. Your analysis should reflect your thinking on their leadership.


You should follow the discussion forum format of providing factual support from the textbook and analysis, reflection, and opinion.

You must include the following:

One quotation from your textbook with page numbers in parenthesis to support your ideas.
Penalty of 20% for not including one quotation from the textbook with page number citations.

About 75% of your response should be analysis/reflection, much like your forum posts. Penalty of 20% for limited analysis/reflection.

A minimum of 350 words. Penalty of 20% for not reaching word minimum.

No outside sources may be used. Penalty of 20% for using outside sources.


Your response should be at least 350 words in order to receive credit. The instructor asks your response to follow the FACT/EVIDENCE, ANALYSIS/OPINION, QUESTION model (see below) that includes 1) a factual response to the question with a direct quote and proper citation, 2) analysis of the factual information with citations if needed and opinions reflecting on the topic, and

Suggestion: rather than re-stating what others have said, post fresh ideas that look at the topics from a unique perspective. Do not hesitate to ask questions that might spark further discussion by others. Feel free to include your own personal analysis or understanding of the readings. Remember, you will be responding to three other students and to your instructor’s follow-up question. All direct quotations from the textbook and/or other source must be cited properly. Paraphrased information must be cited as well. You MUST draw from the textbook in supporting your answer.


Corbett, P. Scott, Volker Janssen, John M. Lund, Todd Pfannestiel, and Paul Vickery, U.S. History, Houston, Open Stax, 2016.