Week 5 SPSS Modeler: Neural Network Modeling

You will need to build a model that will solve the problem that you have identified. Use the following software applications: (Excel: SPSS Modeler: Neural Network Modeling)

***IMPORTANT: I also need to Provide the raw software files (.STR files) that you used for this assignment to run (Excel: SPSS Modeler: Neural Network Modeling). Please see the example report attached to this assignment. It shows what is needed in the report even though the Neural Network model was not used in the example report.

***You will need to run the (Excel: SPSS Modeler: Neural Network Modeling) for ALL 3 DATA SETS below…..

1. One is with the Full data set. (Data is Below)

2.2nd is with the Data set Under 5 years old (Data is Below)

3. 3rd is with the Data set Over 5 years Old.

(Data is Below)

Write a 200 word summary describing your model. It will include the following:

  1. Why did you choose the Neural Network Model?
  2. Provide specific screenshots from the modeling software in your paper.

Please also include:

  1. Also attach the Streams (.str) files with the assignment so they can see what was done. Should be 3 separate streams for each data set.
  2. Run Analysis Node: Run Model and check top 3 boxes (Coincidence Matrix, Performance Evaluation, Evaluation Metrix).—–> Apply and Run—–> What was the results?

***Please answer the question above and also explain the differences between each data set. You also need to validate which data set is the best. Hopefully you know SPSS: Neural Network Modeling pretty well. I have also attached some of my past work that I have submitted in this class since it all goes together and explains what we are looking to accomplish. Let me know if you have any more questions.