what is sustainability? I did some of the information! just need to transform it into a newspaper article!

1. Start with background information. please use http://www.nmfs.noaa.gov/fishwatch/ and fill out the menu data sheet using information by fish watch include describe current biomass ( a measure of the quantity of the item, usually by weight), whether overfishing has occurred or is occurring and whether there is by catch associated with the item on the menu. if the restaurant menu does not provide you enough information to decide how to fill out the data sheet! But I already did this (I attached a photo of the data sheet which is called menu A) but you can add more information than I did because we will need to include that into the article!!

2. if a menu item contains more than one type of seafood, be sure to evaluate all the types.

3. Answer these questions in your article:

a. why should the consumer care about the sustainability of seafood? also include what sustainability means.

b. how did you decide whether a restaurant is sustainable or not? (hint: how does fish watch define sustainablity?)

c. what were your findings are most of the restaurants truly sustainable according to your determination or most really not? How would you respond to the claim restaurant A to be the “most sustainable restaurant in your city?” How would you respond to the assertion that Restaurant D uses “only sustainable seafood”?

d. were all the menus clear about what type of fish the restaurant was offering?

e. was it possible in every case to determine if the fish were sustainable?

f. what would you recommend to the consumers who want to make sure that they are eating the most sustainable possible seafood? Hint: let consumers know what types of questions they should ask the restaurant to make sure they are getting a sustainably harvested item.

I attached photos of the instructions because I know its kinda confusing and a photo of the restaurant menu you will be needing but don’t worry I searched the information so I just need you to include the information I wrote in those boxes but you can add more information from http://www.nmfs.noaa.gov/fishwatch/ ! ONLY USE MENU A BECAUSE THATS THE RESTAURANT I CHOSE AND DID INFORMATION ON but I sent pictures of menu b,c, and d because one of the questions ask about their menus and about menu d. please one page or one page and a half!