Write 3 pages of sociological reflective journal

Write 3 pages of reflective journal based on the directions below:

1: Talk with someone who has moved from one country to another country, and who has

attended school (any level) in which instruction was conducted in a language different

from the one spoken in their home. Elicit a personal story about immigration and

schooling. Ask this person if they would tell you some stories about their school

experience. What significant incidents do they remember about learning the general

expectations of schooling in their new country and learning the language of school?

2: Write a summary of their story. First, give some of the general information about the

person (no need to name the person), including the story of their immigration. Then briefly

relate their narratives and the questions that these stories raise for your understanding of

the education of linguistic minority children. How might this “case” fit into our course

discussions on culture, language, and education? Use all four readings (Crawford,

Garcia, Billings et al. and Palmer) to support your arguments. Finish your paper with

whether the passage of California Proposition 58 would have academically and socially

supported the person you interviewed or not.