write 400 word for discussion

or this DQ I want you to read the attached essay on Fanny Fern and the “scribbling women” of the 1840s-1850s:

Fanny Fern and Scribbling Women.pdfView in a new window

This post will be in two parts:

1) Please summarize what the author argues are the main characteristics of women’s writing in this period. What were some of the core conflicts with male writers?

2) For your conclusion, I want you to take one of the three Hawthorne tales read for this week (“Wakefield,” “The Birthmark,” “Rappacini’s Daughter). Imagine Fanny Fern or one of the other women in the essay rewrote it. What would the plot be? In other words, how would making the story “women-centered” change the storyline?