Write a Research essay on Sherman Alexie (EASY ESSAY)

For our research project, 7-8 page analysis and synthesis of primary and secondary texts, focusing on Sherman Alexie. Include biographical research, examination of the author’s work, and analysis of what critics and scholars have written about the author’s work.

Step 1: Choose Primary Work(s)

A primary source refers to the author’s original work, which must be examined in your research report. While a sample of each of these author’s works is reproduced in Portable Literature, you will have to explore the library for other stories or poems by these writers to be included in your report Begin this search early, so you can include preliminary selections in the Research Proposal. Choose 2 stories or 3 poems other than those we’ve read in class for your analysis. (CANT WRITE ABOUT THIS IS WHAT IT MEANS TO SAY PHOENIX, ARIZONA) Read these several times to become familiar with the writing—then you can begin your research.

Step 2: Critical Analyses (secondary sources)

You must find at least five (5), and no more than twelve (12), critical sources examining the author’s work (these are called secondary sources). Look for secondary through Library’s databases. Allow for the extra time this process may take by starting your search early for critical sources.

Biography & Context

Include a brief historical biography of the author you’re examining. Contextual analysis will help us understand the effects of time, place, people, and other influences on the author you are examining for this project.

MLA manusсrіpt form. INCLUDE CITATIONS


Write about his love for basketball as well, emphasize on the book “The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian” Any questions please contact me