Write argumentative Esssay for Eng ATC

Choose one of the following topics for your next paper. Make sure you follow MLA format. Make sure you incorporate at least two sources. Make sure you have a clear thesis located at the end of the first paragraph with two to three supporting details. Make sure you review your essay folder.

  1. What should be changed about current taxation system?
  2. Shakespeare: Was he real?
  3. Are Project Managers and CEOs paid too much?
  4. Is college admission getting too sharp?
  5. Are test scores the most accurate indication of individual competency?
  6. Military service and the role of gender
  7. Why are left-handed guitar players more gifted?
  8. Do all religions have a right to exist?
  9. What are the causes of the increased number of teenage mothers?
  10. What happens once we die?
    Are cell phones too harmful?
    Are spy applications for mobile phones an invasion of privacy?
    Are modern young people too dependent on computersIs any online lottery fair?
    Is TypeScript a future of front-end development?

Are modern teens too much reliant on Information Technologies?

  1. Do we still need cell phones?
  2. How do people survive in the age of technological explosion?
  3. Can corporations create chips to control their employees’ minds
  4. What will our world look like in technological sense in the next century?