Write notes and facts about “Thanksgiving Day”


Here are 4 references related to Thanksgiving Day:


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Siskind, J. (1992). The Invention of Thanksgiving: A ritual of American nationality. Critique of Anthropology, 12(2), 167-191. doi:10.1177/0308275×9201200205

So please read/watch them carefully, and write notes and facts about each reference separate and these notes and facts must be answering the following questions:

1- In every reference discuss the history of the Thanksgiving day, includes when and where it began?

2- In every reference describe how and why the Thanksgiving day has become popular in the north American culture. And is it a national holiday, and do people go to work in the Thanksgiving day?

– In every reference explain some of the artifacts and rituals of the Thanksgiving day found today in many (avoid using ALL) homes in the USA. Who in the USA would celebrate the Thanksgiving day?

NOTE: This work must be done with in less than 24 hours.