Yasmina Rezas Art


analysts this book from the point below

Synopsis-This is a summary for the play or the scenes within the play if they differ.

Mood – This refers to the mood of the play and the scenes there in.

Themes – This is the theme(s) of the entire show. Eg – Little Red Riding Hood, Obeying the rules – following Path

Time – this is when the play takes place, the duration of the timespan as well as the era that it takes place in. These can be changed sometimes based on the concept of the show, and you may be the one to determine this if it cannot be extrapolated from the script. Eg – Little Red Ridinghood Time of Day- Daytime – late morning to early afternoon

Places – These are the locations of the script, as well as geography

Character – This is a breakdown of the characters and what they are facing

Physical Needs – These are the physical things that are needed of the script • Eg – Little Red Riding Hood•Red Cape with hood• Basket of goodie

sensory Needs - These are the things that can enhance mood or story but cannot be touched • Eg – Little Red Riding Hood • Lights bright on path – happy forest sounds