Does pop culture deserve academic study?

Topic: Does pop culture deserve academic study? Total Points: 50 Word Count: 650 800 words (title and reference page not included) Read the following: Compose a five-paragraph argument essay that includes the following: A title that describes the topic of your essay An introductory paragraph that includes: An attention-grabbing strategy (p. 267 in textbook) A thesis statement that states the topic, your position, and an overview of evidence (p. 268 in textbook) Three body paragraphs that each include:
A clear topic sentence One convincing main point At least three details supporting main point including facts, statistics, testimonials, and personal knowledge One in-text citation from a secondary source (each paragraph must contain a citation from a different source) A concluding paragraph that includes: Your thesis restated in new words An interesting final thought or prediction of the future A counter-argument that addresses an objection to your position A Reference List or Works Cited Page in APA or MLA format with 3-5 different sources (No Wikipedia, the assigned article may count as one of the sources) Proper grammar, spelling, and format conventions Active voice Personal pronouns may be used, but should be free of qualifiers (p. 85 in textbook) At least two compound sentences At least two complex sentences At least one compound-complex sentence At least four transitional words or phrases At least one use of a colon or semi-colon Free of any logical fallacies (p. 272 in textbook) Uses two of the following methods of development: narrating, describing, comparing, or defining (p. 62 in textbook)