Review the Gitlin & Lyons textbook pp. 82–83 for information on abstracts.

Many grant applications require an abstract and a cover letter. The cover letter is your first opportunity to form a first impression with your potential funder and show that you understand their “philanthropic mission” (, n.d.). While the cover letter is ideally brief and succinct, it is not an executive summary. There are specific strategies used to write the cover letter. Using the template below, you will draft a cover letter.
Another important document that is a part of the grant process is the abstract. This narrowly focused document provides the grant reviewer with a summary of your proposal contents. Abstracts are generally constrained to a specific word count. Please use the template below to draft your abstract.
In preparation for this Assignment:

Review the Gitlin & Lyons textbook pp. 82–83 for      information on abstracts.
Review the cover letter template in the Module 5      Learning Resources.
Review the grant application abstract template Module 5      Learning Resources

In 1–2 pages, address the following:

Submit a cover letter to be included in your grant      application.
Submit an abstract of no more than 500 words of your      grant application.