What was it about your analysis that made your evaluation turn out the way it did?

Writing Assignment 6 Prompt Description:
The purpose of this assignment is for students to analyze and evaluate media sources and the information presented from these sources meaningfully. The overall goal is that students are able to use critical thinking to navigate contemporary information society in a way that allows them to be informed, responsible, and autonomous. First, students must be able to break down and analyze media objects, understanding what it is that they are really experiencing so that the effects of this experience can be assessed. Based on this analysis, and only after this analysis is done, can one effectively evaluate the merits of a media source or object and the information it disseminates.
Directions: Choose one media object: for example, a printed news-journal article, a nightly news program, a morning show, a radio program or podcast, an internet news site or blog, a youtube channel or video, a commercial, ad, or even a billboard. To meet the requirement of media, it has to be the kind of thing that attempts (whether it genuinely does or not is what the matter is all about) to collect, interpret, organize, and distribute information about the world or aspects of it to a mass or niche audience for consumption. Narrative media doesn’t count, for example, fictional stories, narrative film, or other media that do not positions themselves to be doing consumers or citizens the service of relaying accurate information and events about the world. Using the handout on media literacy, ask and answer all of the questions on that handout to analyze your chosen media object. You should include information on the media object you chose, as a kind of citation so that I know what you are talking about and can find it. After answering all of the questions on the handout, evaluate the object: is it good or bad, does it do what it should be doing or not, does it convey information in such a way that you can consider that information truthful, a bit of knowledge, or not? What was it about your analysis that made your evaluation turn out the way it did? This assignment should be at least three full paragraphs long.