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3-4 page reflection - sociology - Freshman Essays

3-4 page reflection – sociology

I would attach every files I need to address for the paper, and please follow the following directions.

I would attach a case study as a link:

Hoepfl, M. “Choosing Qualitative Research: Primer for Technology Education Researchers” (Optional)

Then I’ll give you slides from the class as attached files later, so you can follow and relate to the directions for the paper.


Please write a 3-4 page reflection on the course experience. In writing the reflection, students are expected to connect their experiences to specific readings, ativities, and course concepts from the class. Be specific, rather than general, and make as many references to course materials as possible.


  1. Which of the case studies impacted you the most in the course? Was it the subject matter, the methodology, or something else that caught your attention? How did it change your ideas about field research? Did you incorporate anything from the case study into your research design?
  2. What aspect of field research did you enjoy the most? Which of the exercises or class experiences was the most helpful in helping you to understand the process of conducting field research? How did this impact the way you thought about your own research study?

As a result of this class, what will you pay more attention to when you study sociology (and other related topics)? Can you apply anything that you learned in non-academic situations?

My research design: getting knowing how difficult and hard for asian, especially Japanese, students who study English as a second language.

My research site: a language school for Japanese children in San Diego, and a community college who has several Japanese international students.