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lease write a post engaging with some of the questions provided in the prompt below. All original posts are due by Tuesday morning at 9am. Keep these posts clear and to the point (300-400 words). Try to pick some set of relevant questions from below and write a short essay with a thesis and supporting arguments (do not respond in a question/answer format).

Prompt: Using an OPPOSITIONAL GAZE (CRITICAL SPECTATORSHIP) as defined by bell hooks, discuss how racial and ethnic minorities are portrayed in contemporary U.S. films (back-up your argument with examples from movies that you are familiar with, being sure to use specific film terminology). Do you still see evidence of the common archetypes of black women and men? Are stereotypes of other races and ethnicities apparent? How visible are people of color in mainstream films? Are they still primarily playing supporting characters? Are films in which the casts are primarily people of color marketed toward mainstream audiences? Or are they still primarily referred to as “black films” or “Asian films”, etc.?