300 Word Criminology Assignment

Discussion Board Topic:

1. What is biosocial criminology?

2. Say you are a principal of a local elementary school. Joey, a new student at your school, has been acting out during class. Joey has been disruptive and disrespectful to his teachers. By using methods imbedded with the principles of biosocial criminology, what is your theory as to why Joey is behaving in this manner? What are some corrective actions you could take that embody the principles of biosocial criminology?

Discussion Board Initial Post:

  1. At least 300 words (mostly in your own words)
  2. Use reliable sources to substantiate your work and to provide examples. (Include in-text citations and a reference list)
  3. Limited use of quotations
  4. Be thorough and fully explain your points
  5. Plagiarism will NOT be accecpted.