4-5 sentences about sociology of the family

Read both articles attached and write a response 4-5 sentences for each article

Responses should not be simple summaries of the reading, but instead should interact with it/engage it/render an opinion about it. Students can do so in multiple ways, such as: 1) critique logic, evidence or argument (but please do not spend much time complaining about the writing/density/difficulty); 2) put the reading in dialogue with another reading or aspect of class discussion (e.g., “Jones said hookup culture was a result of women’s continuing oppression, and this idea is in direct contradiction to Smith’s point, that women engage in hookup culture because their career orientation means they don’t have time for romance”); or 3) apply the ideas in the reading to facts/a situation/an experience in your life/other reading/politics/civic life (e.g. “When Jones argued that child labor laws served to punish and stigmatize working-class families, I remembered working in my family’s restaurant growing up: my parents knew that other people thought that was a problem, even though they thought it taught me discipline and gratitude”). Essentially a good response works with a reading as if it is a live thing, wrestling with it, having an opinion about it, applying it to something else.