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5 Multiple choices - Freshman Essays

5 Multiple choices

1 During the final third of nineteenth century, the overall standard of living ______

A.remained stagnant

B.climbed, although erratically

C.fluctuated, but eventually decline

D.declined evenly

2. Despite the working class’s slim resources, workers comprised a new and important market for consumer goods because of their __________.

A. need for bicycle

B. willingness to purchase cheaper goods

C. combined buying power

D. demand for ethnic foods

3. What was the focus of the Tuskegee Institute at its founding?

A. industrial and vocational education for blacks

B. liberal arts education for African Americans

C. vocational training for boys

D. liberal arts education for women

4. Booker T. Washington encouraged African Americans to strive for________.

A. a classical education

B. practical instruction

C. careers in education

D. nonfactory employment

5. The garment system reflected a mix of old and new practices, in which highly mechanized factories__________.

A. operated at the same time as outwork sewing in homes

B. existed alongside factories in which work was done by hand

C. employed only highly skilled workers

D. employed only Jewish people with experience in the idustry