5 paragraph paper

This assignment is for a group project. Each member of the group divided the work load and so i have posted step one and step two of the paper here and i need step 3 written in 5 paragraphs.

The paper basically talks about a topic that is a problem and possible solution you can come up with to solve the problem.

High Energy Bills at Home

1) Identify the problem: Activity is to clarify, question, gather needed information, organize information, summarize meaning. Clearly define the objective (future state). Documentation is 1-2 paragraphs.

Have you ever wondered why your energy bill is so high at home? Let’s start off by a few excellent reasons of why the energy bill can be so high. The biggest reason why our energy bill is high is because of our appliances. Appliances are constantly running continuously. A good example would be a refrigerator. If you think about it, refrigerators are running during the day when we are awake and at night when we are sleeping. Most of us have multiple appliances throughout the house. Light bulbs are another great example. Incandescent bulbs can cost extra money over time. Although we do not use incandescent bulbs 24/7, depending on the wattage and light fixture you have, you may be using more than one light bulb. Heating and cooling your home waste energy, hot water tank, and electronics are a few main examples that add to the bill on a monthly basis.

Over time, it is possible that your energy bill at home can increase over time by not taking any action and making changes to this cause. By making some improvements in energy efficiency is generally achieved by adopting a more efficient technology to cut your monthly bill. For example, buying new appliances that are efficient, Changing light bulbs to LED, using a power surge on electronics, and having excellent installation throughout the house are a few things you can do to start saving money on a monthly basis. Our technology has been improving tremendously. Most of us might think that it costs too much to change your light bulbs, or change your appliances but in the long run you will be saving money. If you do not want to go out and buy new appliances or light bulbs because the ones you are currently using are still good, then wait until it burns out or breaks and you can replace the minor things with efficient products.

2) Define the problem: First, State the problem concisely in a single sentence. Then break-down into parts, ask 5-why to root cause. The 5 Why process is key to step 2 so document it. Link each why to the prior and find the root cause(s). Brainstorm options, analyze options as different pathways to objective. Documentation is 3-5 paragraphs.

Problem statement: The rate on which electricity is supplied is a huge problem for people mainly, because of the high energy bills especially when appliances and electronic items are left switched on.

5 why-to root questions

1. Why appliances and electronic items are left switched on at homes?

This is one of the reasons why there is a high energy bill for a small family. Everyone basically consider it someone else’s job to switch off the electronics or appliances that are not in use and thus, they leave the appliances and electronic items switched on once they are done using them. Mostly, in families, this is the responsibility of mothers or caretakers to make sure the unused electronics or appliances are switched off and everything is in order. Therefore, when this is not taken care of, the energy bills eventually rise to an unacceptable limit.

2. Why does appliances and electronic items take up energy?

Every appliance or electronic item that is available in market basically requires an energy source to operate on. If there will be no energy source, there will be no ways through which the appliance or electronic item may work. Some electronic items or appliances take up greater energy while other electronic items take up lesser energy. If the greater energy taking electronic items are used for longer time, they may increase the energy bills too much.

3. Why do some electronic items and appliances take up more energy?

Energy consumption is heavily dependent upon the fact of electronic item’s size and work. If there are bigger machineries, appliances or electronic items at home such as dish washer, washing machines or others, there are greater chances that the energy bill will be greater than usual. In addition to this, older models of electronic items and appliances further increase energy consumption.

4. Why do old electronic items and appliances take up more energy?

The answer to this is purely based on the fact that older models of the electronic items were simple but they were not energy efficient. Newer models are designed to combat energy consumption and thus, newer models consume less energy leading to lower energy bills compared to older electronic items and appliances.

5. Why do device charging further increases energy bills?

With modern era, there are less chances to see that anyone is present without a device. This era can be called as an era of modern technology that drinks energy from the main source (SparkEnergy, 2011). When devices are used by people, they require recharging as well. Apart from the usual appliances, devices further increases energy consumption, and thus, energy bills.

3) Examine Options and Make Decision: Activity is to carefully select best option, is further information needed, what resources are required for the best option and are the resources available. Document is 5 paragraphs.

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