7 Pages of Political Science Analysis Essay

Please format the paper in Times New Roman, 12pt font, double-spaced, with 1-inch margins. It should be 6-7 pages long.

You should NOT use outside sources.

You’d use ONLY lecture notes I’d attach later on, or textbook I’d give you the pdf later on.

Please use in-text citations for the lectures, with different dates as relevant. The paper should include citations as needed, but most of your sentences should be your own arguments. If there are a few sentences in a row that are paraphrasing lecture notes, you can just put the cite after the final sentence. e.g. (Lecture, date)

You do not need to turn in a works cited page; in-text citations are fine.

Choose one of three Topics listed below:

1. Civil Rights/Collective action

Use the civil rights movement to explain how religious politics can overcome collective action problems.

Sources: lectures.

2. William Jennings Bryan

Explain how William Jennings Bryan used religious politics to reconfigure the Democratic Party.

Sources: lectures.

3. Religious commitment/pluralism

How can strong religious commitment coexist with religious pluralism in the US.?

Sources: Putnam and Campbell lectures.