A final project that requires the filming part

During the 2016 Presidential race, you saw several commercials for the two major candidates; Clinton and Trump. Your final assignment is to write and film a 60 second YouTube ad for either 2016 Presidential candidate. You will choose between Clinton positive, Clinton contrasting, Trump positive, and Trump contrasting. Your objective is to create a better advertisement than what you saw in 2016 for these candidates. This assignment will be graded based on how well you synthesize the strategies you have learned from this class into the content of the video, not on video production values. Part 3: Create a campaign commercial using part 1 and part 2. Once you have recorded your presentation, you will submit it by clicking the Add Submission button below and posting the link to your video in the submission box. If you have set a password on your video, please be sure to include it as well. Final Project Rubric Uploading and Sharing Videos To record your video, you may use any video camera available to you. Common options include: Camera built into your smart phone Webcam Video camera such as a Flip Digital camera with video recording capability The best method is to then upload your recorded video to a hosting site that will automatically format it and provide you a link to share. There are numerous options available and most provide the ability to make your video private by generating a unique link that you can share or offering password protection. Be sure to include any information that your classmates and/or instructor need to easily access your video. While you may use any site to host and share your video, here are two recommendations and a benefit of each: Vimeo You may set a password for your video with Vimeo under Settings. YouTube You may create an unlisted video under Broadcasting and Sharing Options. You may record directly into YouTube using your webcam.