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Abormal Psychology - Freshman Essays

Abormal Psychology


Objective 1: Explain what constitutes abnormal behavior.

The definition of abnormal psychology and its classifications in psychological disorders varies across academic lines, professional postures, and even medical, social, and legal institutions. Symptoms that everyday people experience are also blurred when contrasted with those that are experiencing psychological disorders. Hence, the need for clarity as provided by the text for this course and professional nosologies such as the DSM and ICD that give clear definition and distinction as to what constitutes abnormal psychology and psychological


Learning Activity #2: Abnormal Behavior Response

Read Chapter 1 from your Comer textbook.

Write a three to four paragraph (one-page) response to the question of what constitutes abnormal behavior. Ensure the following components are addressed:

  • Write a scholarly definition of what is considered normal and abnormal behavior (see the four D’s in the textbook) in mental health using the medical, socio-cultural, and behavioral models. (Note that this can differ from legal definitions.)
  • List and discuss characteristics and examples of normal and abnormal behavior.
  • Discuss whether or not you agree with these definitions and why.’

Objective 3: Describe the major models of abnormality inclusive of their assumptions, concepts, and techniques that aid in the provision of therapy for those with psychological disorders.

In times past, abnormality was generally considered to be a result of cultural beliefs and thinking of a specific time in history. Today, many psychological perspectives have developed from various theoretical frameworks called models or paradigms. Particularly the biological model, along with several psychological models, allows for comprehensive viewpoints that provide different vantage points as to etiology and treatment of abnormal behavior.

Learning Activity #4: Major Models Paper

Read Chapter 2 in your Comer textbook.

Find at least one other academic resource concerning the major models of therapy that are used to treat abnormality.

Write a two to three page paper that describes two major models of therapy used to treat abnormal functioning. Present two supporting scholarly sources, apply APA formatting, and follow the Paper Writing rubric.

To achieve maximum points for content and analysis, the following elements need to be thoroughly addressed:

  • Each of the two model’s major concepts (human nature, development of personality, nature vs. nurture, etc.).
  • Each of the two model’s perspective as to causality and treatment.
  • Roles, techniques, and goals of therapists.
  • Your thoughts on the effectiveness of each and what you identify with the most.
  • What or how does a Christian worldview say about these models.