Abraham Rodríguez, Jr., “The Boy without a Flag”

In this paper, you will offer an interpretation of the story – that is, a way of understanding the text that goes beyond plot summary. You may wish to argue what theme is most important or most prominent in the story; or how certain aspects of form (protagonist vs. antagonist, narrator, chronology, etc.) lead to a way of understanding the text; or why one interpretation of the story is more compelling than the other ways of understanding it.

Your main claim (or thesis statement or argument) should appear in the introduction on the first page of the paper. The remainder of the paper should offer close readings of specific scenes from the story to support your interpretation. You may end up using only a few scenes to make your argument, as you should probe these scenes in depth.

Write three full pages (or more if necessary).

It is not necessary to give a complete plot summary. Use plot details only to support the points you make. You may assume we are familiar with the story and do not need to hear a recap.


– Your name and page numbers at the top of each page in the header position – A creative and informative title
– Proper use of grammar and punctuation
– No larger than a 12 point font

– An introduction and conclusion
– Direct quotations from the text should be enclosed in quotation marks and following by parentheses containing the author’s last name and the page number from which the quotation is taken. “Here is an example” (Field 1). (Notice that the period comes after the parentheses.)
– Absolutely no plagiarism! Any instance of plagiarism will result in no credit granted for this paper.

– All sources other than the story itself should be cited parenthetically and in a bibliography.