Academic Honesty Essay

Based on the readings you’ve conducted over the past two weeks in Chapter 12 of Wide Awake as well as the outside assigned readings, please write a 3 to 4 page paper that sets out to answer this two part question: why do college students cheat and what should be done about it?

Your goal is to make a claim and support it throughout your paper. Use the ideas from our readings, your own analysis, experiences, and examples. If you like, feel free to narrow your paper to focus on a single type of cheating (for example, just plagiarism) or a particular demographic (like freshmen students at community colleges). Just be convincing! I’m open to any claim you might argue, including “College cheating is not a big deal” if you can convince me.

Be sure to begin your paper with a compelling introduction paragraph, including a thesis: a single statement that will guide the writing of the paragraphs of explanation that follow.

Begin each paragraph of explanation that follows the explanatory thesis with a clear topic sentence.

You must refer to at least two different articles (either from our textbook, assigned outside readings, or other credible articles that you’ve found on your own) and include appropriate MLA citation, including a Works Cited page.

This paper should be a minimum of three pages, four pages maximum, not including a Works Cited page. Be sure to follow MLA format (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site., including paper heading, right page headers, double-spacing, in-text citations, and a Works Cited page.