Academic Literacy Questions Essay

I want 4 pages essay,

ASSIGNMENT 4: entering the conversation about academic literacy

Written Arguments: “Mother Tongue,” Amy Tan

“Memoirs of a Rebel Princess”

“Learning to Read and Write,” Frederick Douglass

“Superman and Me,” Sherman Alexie

“I Just Want to Be Average,” Mike Rose

“Achievement of Desire,” Richard Rodriguez

“Hidden Lessons,” Sadker and Sadker

“Learning to Read,” Malcolm X

“From Outside, In,” Barbara Mellix

“Literate Traditions,” Shirley Brice Heath

Your life as a text: your experience with academic reading and writing

For this paper, you will need to use specific claims from 3-4 of the assigned texts, explaining how each of these claims relates to your own experience.

In writing this essay, your purpose is not to “prove” that one author or the other is correct. Like all academic writers, you need to examine your material carefully and with an open mind, accepting the possibility that you may not come to a simple conclusion in a matter this complex. It is better not to simplify that complexity in a way that doesn’t represent your true experiences in literacy.

(No outside resources) use only the article that I provided, also use MLA format. (Please use simple words)

all the dirctions is in the doucument below