Activity 7 Ethos And Comics Strips Arguments Reflection

In class we discussed the differences between propositions of fact, value, and policy, and how to effectively incorporate each of these types of propositions into a persuasive argument. For this activity, you will analyze the cartoon Calvin and Hobbes in terms of the main argument of the comic strip and whether this argument reflects a proposition of fact, value, or policy. Refer to class notes from Unit 6 (Ethos & Source Credibility) as well as the Herrick (2011) reading from Unit 1 to help you complete this activity.

Check attachment for the rest of the requirements

Please, make sure to separate each answer for each question. There are 3 questions and 3 pictures, therefore, i should have 9 answers. Don’t worry about the format, i can do that. i only need the answer to each question for each argument.

Should you need more explanation or information that you believe are required, let me know.