addiction psychology paper

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You will choose an addiction in class and verify it with the instructor. In this 5 -6page paper you

will briefly describe the source of addiction and any history of note. The paper should also contain its cultural origin or a

culture that it is native to or more popular with. Locate 3 to 6 peer reviewed references from the last 10 years that address

the addiction. See rubric on canvas for further detail and instructions. (a,b,c,d,e,f).

it could be one of these :


Heroin (opiates)

Alcohol (downers)

Hallucinogenics (mushrooms)


Please write a minimum of 5 pages in APA format on an addictive class of substances, individual

substance, or addictive behavior. Please properly cite where your information came from, and include a

reference page. Your paper can include all or some of these points;

-Tell me about your chosen topic;

-What kind of substance or lifestyle choice is it?

-Where does it come from, how is it made? How do is it administered? Is it considered lethal?

-What are its historical bases? When did people start using it and why?

-Is it expensive? How do finances play a role in this?

-Why did you choose to write about this?

-Is it close to you in some way?

-Are you just interested in it and want to know more?

-Do you want to focus on this as a part of your career or planned volunteer experience?

-Do you feel strongly about its role in society?

-Is there legislation/controversy/government involvement?

-Is there a cultural aspect you’d like to point out?

-What are its known effects on families/marriage or divorce rates/babies born with addiction?

-How does it affect the body? Disease rate, if any? Major medical problems, if any?