Adolescent Development in Play

Development and meaning of play.

M7 Assignment – Adolescent Development in Play

two females talking

Research adolescent psycho-social development and competencies that adolescents gain through play:

  • Study at least three resources (articles, fact sheets, videos, or slide presentations) from Cornell University’s Act for Youth Center for Excellence Adolescent Development Toolkitlink opens in new window.


  • Informally chat with four – five pre-adolescents and/or adolescents of varying ages and genders, about their favorite interests and activities.

From your reading, viewing, or conversations – or a combination – submit 3-4 page paper that:

  • reports your findings
  • discusses adolescent play, its forms, contexts, benefits and perils,
  • identifies social-emotional competencies and/or potential future-focused competencies adolescents gain through play
  • addresses how play contributes to psycho-social development and the search for identity in adolescents.

For specifics regarding how your work will be evaluated, consult the M7 Assignment Rubriclink opens in new window.

text: Johnson, J. E., Christie, J. F., & Wardle, F. (2005). Play, development, and early education. Boston: Pearson/A and B.