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The short metaphorical/symbolic film Flow was written by Brent Larson and John K. Bucher, directed by Brent Larson, and produced by Shawn Bandy. Plot: A man refuses to use the clean water flowing from the faucet into his kitchen sink. Instead, he uses the water in the toilet bowl to drink, brush his teeth, and wash his face. When a friend comes over, the friend insists on a clean glass but also drinks the water from the toilet bowl instead of using the clean water from the kitchen sink. Characters: Frank – the man who lives in the apartment Friend – a man who comes over to Frank’s apartment The water running out of the kitchen faucet (a symbol or metaphor) The water in the toilet bowl (a symbol or metaphor) Possible Interpretations of this film: Many critics believe the clean water running out of the kitchen tap symbolizes all the good things in life we can aspire to, and the toilet water symbolizes the mediocre or unacceptable aspects of life that we settle for. Students in the past have had other interpretations of this film. Some have seen the clean water as a symbol of the ecologically pure choices we have on this planet, and the toilet water as a symbol of the polluted choices we have regarding the environment. One student said she saw the film as a reflection of the Civil Rights movement with the toilet water and tap water symbolizing the “white” and “colored” water fountains and the inequity in life that they represented. There are many ways to interpret a work of art, like a film. In this class, your interpretation will always be correct as long as you explain WHY you feel what you do. Stumped for a Thesis Statement if you chose this film for your essay? Here are some thesis statements you can use if you’d like. In their lives people can choose to work toward what is better for them or settle for what they already have in the areas of education, careers, relationships, and health. Some people don’t think they deserve the better things in life because they believe they don’t have the intelligence, the talent, the personality, or the motivation to do better. Possible research sources: Books and articles written by psychologists or self-help experts and life coaches, such as Dr. Wayne Dyer, Dr. Phil, etc. Check the Psychology Today link under “How to Write a Research Essay” under CONTENT on D2L. How to list this film under Works Cited at the end of your essay if you choose to write your essay about this film: Flow. Brent Larson. Shawn Bandy. 2010. Film. MLA 8 format directions for listing a film under Works Cited— Title of Film. Director’s Name. Production Company or Producer’s Name. Date film made. Filmmust be around 1000 words in length, typed in a plain 12-point font, be double-spaced, and submitted to this Assignments DropBox as an attachment in a MICROSOFT WORD DOCUMENT Essay #1 must have information from three (3) CREDIBLE RESEARCH SOURCES that prove the points you are making in the essay. This research information must be added to the body of your essay by using MLA format for quotations. The research sources must also be listed at the end of the essay under the heading WORKS CITED using MLA format.