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Analysis of an Argument - Freshman Essays

Analysis of an Argument

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Essay 2: Analysis of an Argument

In approximately 3 pages, analyze and evaluate an argument essay from the list provided. Your essay should develop a position on the overall argument and claims in that essay and provide a critical analysis of the piece. Follow MLA formatting rules. All ideas should be your own;

Due Dates: 10/18—Writing Workshop (Bring 4 copies of a complete draft)

10/23—Final (Submit to Blackboard/Safe Assign by start of class)

Rubric (100 points):



Instructor Notes:



20 points

  • clearly identifies the author and title of the piece
  • shows awareness of the author’s purpose/audience
  • reveals a detailed, critical reading and clear understanding of the essay
  • provides a clear point of view about the piece/thesis statement


30 points

  • offers a thorough discussion of the argument with a clear point-of-view (thesis)
  • discusses the effectiveness of persuasive strategies
  • makes specific reference to the essay to support claims
  • acknowledges and refutes counter arguments
  • makes effective use of a thesis statement, introduction, conclusion, topic sentences and transitions
  • carefully arranges ideas and keeps focused on the topic/prompt


20 points

Language and Mechanics

20 points

  • Follows MLA formatting and citation rules
  • Adheres to academic norms for spelling, capitalization, punctuation and language
  • Sentences are clearly worded

Writing Workshop

10 points

  • Full participation in the workshop in class
  • 4 copies of a complete draft