Analysis paper- Group perceptions

1.After our first activity in this class, the Ball Toss Game, what were your first impressions of your group in this class? How did you communicate as a group?What did your group accomplish? What challenges did your group face? What did you learn about the other members of your group?

2. How did you communicate with your group on the first day? Apply the Principles of Small Group Communication.Which is your strongest and weakest areas? What do you think will be roles in your group in this class?

strongest: listening carefully

weakest: express my thoughts

3. Your textbook refers to the term Grouphate to describe how loathsome the group experience is for many people. What are your feelings/thoughts about group work in general?Describe a group you are currently involved in, outside of this class.Describe that group’s communication and your satisfaction with the communication, goals, and accomplishments.