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analysis report on the Residents of Iraq's Kurdish region - Freshman Essays

analysis report on the Residents of Iraq’s Kurdish region

Residents of Iraq’s Kurdish region cast their votes on September 25, 2017 in a controversial independence referendum. Official results are expected to be released within a few days of the referendum vote.

Write an analysis report of approximately 200 words (between 150 and 250 words) that includes: 1. the official results of the referendum in detail; and 2. your analysis regarding the prospect for the establishment of a new Kurdish state in the foreseeable future based on the class discussion on the five necessary elements of the statehood

Statehood – Five elements 1.Recognition by other states 2.Government 3.Population 4.Territory 5.Sovereignty

You need to provide full bibliographic information on all the sources you use in writing your report. The sources do not need to be scholarly; nonetheless use of credible and reputable sources is expected. Do not use Wikipedia and equivalent sources. Do not use blog information.

Use Times New Roman 12pt font and double-space the body of the text. Make sure that you proofread your report thoroughly.