Analyzing a story Queen of Spades

Please read the attached story well and answer the following FOUR questions:

There are two possible interpretations of the story. Do you believe this is a supernatural tale or a story of one man’s obsession, hallucination, and insanity?

Count of St. Germain was a real-life European courtier with interests ranging from music and the arts to alchemy. In Pushkin’s story, why did he decide to share his secret knowledge with the Countess instead of simply lending her the required sum of money?

How does the story of Chaplitsky, told by Tomsky, foreshadow the tragic end of Herman?

How does the daring step of inviting a young officer at midnight conflict with what we had previously learned about Lizaveta?

Be a little opinionated and detailed. Half a page for each question. If the page doesn’t display properly, google Queen of Spades by Alexander Pushkin.