Annotated Bibliography

Here is my research proposal:

“My topic is to research how monsters’ myth effect people since our childhood.

I am interested in this topic because i watched some movies about monster killing people when i was growing up. This might give people some nightmares in the future or give them some cureless scares.

I might combine some old movies and some bizarre news from the past to use for this project.

I will need some recommendations for old western movies about monsters.”


This assignment asks you to synthesize and reflect critically on at least 8 relevant sources that you are

planning on using for your Essay #3 (Note: more than 8 sources will help you write a stronger paper if all the sources are relevant). Writing the bibliography before your thesis will help you determine what you want to argue because the research will ensure that your essay is successful.


Your bibliography should contain 8 entries, and should meet the following criteria:

  • 4 academic, peer-reviewed journal articles about a Monsters
  • A popular newspaper or newsmagazine article about a Monster
  • A credible website (one that fulfills the CARS test) with information about the social movement (Attach the CARS test)
  • A primary source about the Monster (including but not limited to movement organization website, print or online interviews with movement activists, movement documents or art, activist generated writing, documentaries featuring living movement activists, etc.)
  • 2 Choice sources


For each of your sources, you should include an entry with relevant publication information in MLA format.


Your annotations for each of your 8 sources should do the following

o summarize the source (chapter, book, article, or the like).

o identify the piece’s argument (or main point)

o rely primarily on your own words and phrasing–use summary and paraphrase.

o discuss the source’s strengths and weaknesses. For instance, does the item offer a good introduction to the issue? Does the item deal with a particular aspect of the issue that is especially relevant to the problem you plan to address in your proposal? Do you find the piece accessible or is it geared to a more specialized audience?

o describe how this piece will contribute to your research project.

o Each annotation should be a ½ page to 1-page, single-spaced.

Attach the sample annotated bibliography