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please answer the following question from the film.

Judaism: The Promised Land

  1. How many people practice Judaism today?
  1. When was the State of Israel founded?
  1. What/where is “The Promised Land”?
  1. What are the origins of Judaism?
  1. Who are the Hebrews?
  1. Who is Moses? What significant acts is Moses known to have committed?
  1. How many plagues did God send to Egypt? Why did God send these plagues? Name two plagues.
  1. What miracle did God perform for the Jewish people to escape the Pharaoh and soldiers of Egypt?
  1. What major event(s) occurred at Mt. Sinai?
  1. What is the Exodus?
  1. Who did Moses (at the end of his life) predict would come?
  1. When was the Golden Age of Hebrew Civilization? What two accomplishments occurred during this time?
  1. What occurred to Hebrew Civilization after Solomon died?
  1. How did the Hebrews get the name “Jews”?
  1. What is Herod’s Temple? What major event (s) happened at Herod’s Temple?
  1. What is the Diaspora?
  1. What is the TANAKH?
  1. What is the significance of the “Ark” in Judaism? What is in it? Where is it?
  1. What is the Torah?
  1. What and when is the Shabbat?
  1. Why do all the monotheistic religions have such great interest in Jerusalem?
  1. What is the Temple Mount? What is the significance of the Mount to both the Jews and Muslims?
  1. What is an Orthodox Jew?
  1. What is Bar Mitzvah? What does it mean? When is it performed? What about Bat Mitzvah?
  1. Name the Holy days of the Jewish calendar and the significance of their myths and rituals.