answer the question

1. How did civilizations along the Fertile Crescent co-exist, including

Mesopotamians, Akkadians, Babylonians, Israelites? Be specific.

2. How did the social hierarchy in Vedic India transform the concept of the

ancient civilization?

3. What allowed the empire of Carthage to make such an impact in the

Mediterranean, leading to an inevitable conflict with the Romans?

4. Describe the uniqueness of Athens, Greece at implementing and

maintaining a democratic form of government. How was this move so


5. Did the rise of Christianity play a role in the fall of Rome? Why or why


6. Why did Hinduism and Buddhism both flourish within India?

7. What were the similarities and differences between Islam and

Christianity and how did this lead to the Crusades, the religious wars of


8. Describe the three dominant Chinese schools of philosophy and the

impact each played in the formation of the empire.

9. How did the Black Death in Europe change people’s perceptions of the

religious society they lived in, both in Christian and Muslim populations?

10.Why did the early Age of Exploration take place and how did it transform

the idea of the civilized world?