Answer the questions

The questions that you need to answer and to submit as an APA formatted document and must be 10 pages in are as follows:

1.)Who should evaluate employees’ performance?

2.)What should leaders do when (individual, team, organization) performance is lacking?

3.)Should the new performance review system at Vitality Health be revised?

4.)What changes would you recommend to the new performance management system? What type of performance evaluation should be used?

5.)How should the changes be implemented?

6.)Carefully consider the consequences of your recommendations and explain them.

7.)Is the revised performance management system better than the system it replaced?

In what ways? In what ways is it worse?

8.)How important is the relative nature of the new performance management system?

9.)Create your own performance appraisal form based on one, or a hybrid of more than one, from the textbook for this class, such that the appraisal would work best for Vitality Health.

Attached is the case study to be reviewed and answered