answering paper#3

*Answering Paper #3

1. What are the differences between PR system and winner-take-all system?
2. Electoral rules such as the difference between PR and winner-take-all raise fundamental issues of what “representation” actually means. Which of the two systems do you think is more representative? Why?
3. Designing electoral rules raises the crucial question of what “representation” should mean? What do you think “representation” actually means?

1. On MS-Word menu bar, click Home – Times New Roman – 12 font; Layout – Margins – Narrow and adjust Indent zero for all (Left, Right, Before, and After); and Paragraph – Alignment Left – Line Spacing zero.

2. Please edit your answering paper again if it’s longer than two pages. I wanted you answer to all three questions smartly within two pages.

3. Then, print out it on Both Sides of paper.