Answering these questions from the book ” Another Brooklyn”

Im gonna write the questions with the pages number from the book

the questions is :

Read Chapters 1 through 2 and answer the questions below as part of your Reading Log:

Chapter 1 – pages 1-16
1. Why does August come back to New York? Why doesn’t she accept her brother’s offer to stay for a while?
2. What is August’s reaction like when she sees her old friend Sylvia? Why do you think she chooses to get off the train and not talk to her?
3. Why does the chapter end with a reference to death in Indonesia?
Chapter 2 – pages 17-32
4. Why did August’s mother warn her against becoming friends with girls? Why does she long so much to become friends with Sylvia, Gigi, and Angela?
5. Why are August and her brother banned from playing outside? Do you think their father is making the right choice?

Chapter 3 – pages 33-40

What do August and her brother decide to do once they are free to go outside?

What is August’s first impression of each of her three new friends?

Chapter 4 – pages 41-54

Do you believe August’s mother’s threat about sleeping with the butcher knife? Do you believe her accusation that their father has been with another woman?

What kind of a person was Clyde like? Why doesn’t the plan to run SweetGrove with him work out?

Chapters 5 and 6 – pages 55 – 68

What people or things are the girls afraid of? How do they plan to fight back?

Why do you think that for Angela, mother plus dance equals sadness?

At the end of the chapter, August narrates that their childhoods were comprised of “adults promising us their own failed futures” (63). What did each girl’s parent want for them? Do you think these expectations were reasonable?

Chapter 7 – pages 69 – 78

How do the girls respond to attention from boys and men? What power do they have as a group?

Why has August’s brother gotten so serious? Why does she see so many people trying to discover “another Brooklyn?” (77)

Why does August keep asking about the urn?

Answer the questions below as part of your Reading Log:
Chapter 8 – pages 79 – 96

What is the big event of this chapter? Why does August’s father forbid them from participating?

Who is Sister Loretta, and what role does she play for August and her family?

Why do you think August’s father becomes a member of Nation of Islam? How does August react to the change?

Chapters 9, 10, and 11 – pages 97 – 119

What is Sylvia’s room, and house, and life like? Why does it impress August?

Why does August take an interest in Jerome? And why does she choose Sylvia to confide in?

Why does Sylvia’s father throw out the girls? How does Sylvia react?

Why does Angela cry and not talk about her problems? Why does she keep the girls locked out?

Chapter 12 – pages 121 – 139

Why is August fascinated by Alana, the new neighbor across the street?

How does August feel about her continuing sexual relationship with Jerome? What does she still hold back on, and why?

What does it mean to be sent “Down South?”

What happens to Angela’s mother – and what does it make August remember?

these the are questions it need to be answered from ” Another Brooklyn” Book