AP EURO: 1848 Revolution Essay REVISION

Tutor here wrote a detailed essay following the prompt:

In 1848 a revolutionary flood swept across Europe. In a well-organized essay, discuss and explain the general reasons why Europe was hit by this revolutionary outbreak. With reference to two of the following states, discuss and explain outcome/results of the revolutionary activity in those states(France, Prussia, the Austrian Empire, the Italian States, and the German Confederation)

As I read through the essay, I thought the reference to two states and explaining outcome/results was kind of lacking in this essay, while it should be at least 30% of the whole essay. Additionally, I only want TWO states to be mentioned. So I want you to revise this essay providing plenty of information of the outcome of two states, without changing the major structure of an essay.

I have also attached the outline I made. I am using this essay as a reference to make the outline, which I bring it to the exam and write it in approx 60min. Please revise the outline too as you go through the revision.

I am willing to pay over 10$ tip if you could revise both my essay and the